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Our Vast Range of Services...

Branding Solutions

We’re all about The Brand at Mojo. Our team boast over 20 years experience with high profile FMCG brand management experience including Coca Cola, Mars, Pedigree & Whiskas pet food and Unilever to name but a few. Locally we’ve had the pleasure of over 10 years with the Princes Gate Spring Water brand, the successes of which has soared to new heights. In recent years we have diversified into the Tourism arena where we have enjoyed immense success with businesses throughout Wales.

Digital Marketing

We pride ourselves on remaining top of our game when it comes to digital marketing - as the fastest paced marketing channel we’re consistently innovating, training, learning and embarking on the journey with each of our clients to ensure we remain on the cutting edge of this vital discipline. 

Social Media

We delight in how the advent of social media has levelled the playing fields for businesses irrespective of scale or turnover. Our results are unrivalled in Pembrokeshire.

New Product Innovation

‘The quickest way backwards is to say standing still…’. Why wait? Talk to us to consider innovation within your business to pre-empt the next stage.

Website Development

Like ours? We can replicate for a fraction of the cost of some quotes you may have already received. We also work with some pretty savvy third party agencies for specialist website needs.

Graphic Design

It’s hard to look anywhere in the world today without spotting the creative brilliance of an artistic graphic designer. Every brand has a unique story to tell. Here at Mojo, we’re passionate about extracting a brands unique selling point and bringing same alive in a visual manner. Our in-house Creative Directors and Graphic Designers can handle every step of the process from developing a creative brief and brand architecture bringing the brand to life. Our projects strive to yield strong brand IDs, creative rationales and robust brand guidelines so that the client may take it forward with confidence into the various platforms of their business. 

Copyright & PR
MOJO LOGO 2020-01.png

This is an area about which we are most passionate. Establishing a brand ‘Tone of Voice’ is almost as important as a brand visual ID. We’re enormously proud of our ability to ‘read’ a business and to translate into a credible script through which to best communicate with their target market. Founder Nicola Merriman boasts an MA in Public Relations and exudes a flair for same - something which resonates throughout the business.

Ethical Marketing

There’s no ‘green washing’ here. We are a certified team, well versed in steering your business towards a more sustainable route. Our team boasts qualifications in auditing and Environmental Management Services so as to back up any brand promises. We detest brands that make false claims in the name of Mother Nature and will make every effort to guide your business to address this growing concern in the most effective and honest of manners. Brands that tell the truth cannot lose. Integrity is the new order. 

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